Scientology Mermaid Chip Freedoms

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Scientology Mermaid Chip Freedoms

Craig has abandoned us, so Bronwyn and Mark abandon any sense of brevity in revolt. Mark gives an update on the wind down of his time with Eastern Lightning, and Bronwyn talks about Frank Turnbull, David Mayo and the early history of Scientology in New Zealand. Return guests Katrina and Daniel carry the rest of the podcast. Katrina talks about Elon Musk’s brain chips, and her own life as a cyborg. Daniel, on the other hand, does twice the work as the rest of us, with the shortest segment ever (how people are trying to game the ratings of the new live-action Little Mermaid movie), and a report on the anti-trans rhetoric on show at the Freedoms NZ roadshow in the Hutt Valley last week.

  • Our guests:
    • Katrina Borthwick
    • Daniel Ryan
  • Articles we talk about:
    • The Warehouse puberty blockers
    • Thank Almighty God Above
    • Brain Chips in Humans
    • Diving into The Little Mermaid’s Online Ratings
    • Scientology and New Zealand
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