Yeah… Nah! is your go-to biweekly podcast for a healthy dose of skepticism from the heart of New Zealand. In a world filled with tall tales and dubious claims, your hosts Bronwyn, Craig and Mark are here to dissect, analyse, and question the local news stories that pique our skeptical interest. From the peculiar to the downright unbelievable, join us and our frequent guests as we navigate the uncharted waters of skepticism in Aotearoa.


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  • Therapeutic Catfish Genesis Experience

    Welcome back to another instalment of the Yeah…Nah Podcast. Craig has some thoughts about a recent RNZ interview on Near Death Experiences; Bronwyn looks at the New Zealand connection to Miracle Mineral Supplement, and the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing; Super special guest Katrina is back with a post mortem of sorts on […]

Previous Episodes

  • Blackie Naisi Dee

    The team at Yeah… Nah! revel in their atheism this week. We try to answer Nic Blackie’s 5 questions for non-Christians; Bronwyn ponders Naisi Chen’s hosting gig as Prayers @ Parliament’s parliamentary host; and Craig gives his mea culpa about John Dee, and talks random climate data on random substacks.

  • Melanie Trecek-King

    In this special episode, we talk to Melanie Trecek-King, one of this year’s conference speakers who will be joining us all the way from the United States. As well as working as an associate professor, Melanie runs Thinking is Power, an organisation whose mission is to teach critical thinking skills to both…

  • Stampin’ Gunn Excess Mass

    Bronwyn kicks off the episode with some spicy MLM drama, courtesy of Stampin’ Up. Mark peers down the rabbit hole of Liz Gunn and her connection to the Fabian Society and, in a similar vein, Craig investigates Voices for Freedom’s claims that the COVID vaccine is causing an additional 90 deaths per…

  • Ms. GoFlo Thermography by Two

    In honour of the documentary Ms. Information being screened as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, Siouxsie Wiles and Director Gwen Isaac join us for a rather fun episode. Craig gets skeptical about Thermography, an alternative breast cancer screening tool; having been kicked out of Eastern Lightning, Mark is a…

  • American Lightning Co-Governance

    Craig is back in the saddle, although still a little rusty on the mic – but we forgive him (because we need him to edit the podcast). Mark reveals the ignoble end of his time with Eastern Lightning. Recurring guests Tim Atkin and Alexander Maxwell return, as we recollect on Julian Batchelor’s…

  • 432 Binaural Pain Poll

    Craig is back on NZ soil in body, but not quite in mind, so while he gets over his jet lag Bronwyn, Mark and Katrina have invited fellow committee member Brad McClure to the party. Brad enlightens us that if our hearts did beat at 432 Hz, cancer wouldn’t be a problem…

  • UBI UFO ZAP Myths

    Craig is still AWOL at his secret MLM conference so Bronwyn and Mark keep calling in some blood debts. Long-suffering skeptic James Kerr finally humours us with his presence, and gives the team an education on Universal Basic Income. Bronwyn talks about what put the zing in ZAP (Zenith Applied Philosophy). Mark…

  • Scientology Mermaid Chip Freedoms

    Craig has abandoned us, so Bronwyn and Mark abandon any sense of brevity in revolt. Mark gives an update on the wind down of his time with Eastern Lightning, and Bronwyn talks about Frank Turnbull, David Mayo and the early history of Scientology in New Zealand. Return guests Katrina and Daniel carry…

  • Disinformation Temple Upline

    Long time listener, but definitely not first time caller, Susan Shearer joins the crew this week to train the most problematic (and only) member of her downline. Bronwyn gives an update on the various travails of Highden Temple and the International School of the Temple Arts, and Craig offers a tongue in…