Sue Sue Shermer

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Sue Sue Shermer

Your faithful podcasters are testing the limits of the NZ Skeptics’ insurance policy in this episode. Craig laments on Michael Shermer’s turn towards the unskeptical; Mark reads Sue Nicholson’s memoir, so you don’t have to; and Bronwyn examines the life of a former global Skeptics challenge contender, Colin Amery. Heads up for mentions of suicide and child death.

About this episode

  • Articles we talk about:
    • A Call from the Other Side
    • Tarotmancer: A brief biography of Colin Amery
    • Michael Shermer used to be a good skeptic
  • Newsletter issues these articles appear in:
    • 2024-06-10
    • 2024-05-13

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