Yeah… Nah! is your go-to biweekly podcast for a healthy dose of skepticism from the heart of New Zealand. In a world filled with tall tales and dubious claims, your hosts Bronwyn, Craig and Mark are here to dissect, analyse, and question the local news stories that pique our skeptical interest. From the peculiar to the downright unbelievable, join us and our frequent guests as we navigate the uncharted waters of skepticism in Aotearoa.


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  • Jim Cavalcade Fair

    Craig is away this episode and singing his heart out at the World Choir Games, leaving Bronwyn and Mark to fill the hole he’s left in their hearts (at least for the next two weeks). Fortunately, they’ve been able to replace him twice over with TWO special guests! Committee member Brad MacClure returns to discuss […]

Previous Episodes

  • Community Creationist Matariki Electrolytes

    Community Creationist Matariki Electrolytes

    “Yeah…Nah!” says hell yeah to another episode with a smorgasbord of features. Craig tags along to a Matariki celebration; Bronwyn wonders if her sugar-free electrolytes are illegal, and Mark keeps himself busy as always; getting the NZ Skeptics out of the YouTube naughty corner, attending a creationist “education” session. About this episode

  • Sue Sue Shermer

    Sue Sue Shermer

    Your faithful podcasters are testing the limits of the NZ Skeptics’ insurance policy in this episode. Craig laments on Michael Shermer’s turn towards the unskeptical; Mark reads Sue Nicholson’s memoir, so you don’t have to; and Bronwyn examines the life of a former global Skeptics challenge contender, Colin Amery. Heads up for…

  • Saint Aquaman Practical Astrology

    Saint Aquaman Practical Astrology

    Buckle in for a wild yet contemplative ride. We’re talking about the fast-tracked ‘gamer’ saint and Jason Scamoa. Craig may be onto a winner with an astrology-based betting system, and Bronwyn and Mark try to beat Wellington on a not-great day by checking out the School of Practical Philosophy. About this episode

  • Pointless Australis Devil Eviction

    Pointless Australis Devil Eviction

    With the news that Reality Check Radio met their fundraising goals, the “Yeah… Nah!” team are back to their old tricks: tapping into the New Zealand zeitgeist, and maybe signing our own deals with the devil. This week, we expound on the science of the Aurora Australis, the portrayal of skeptics on…

  • Escaping Australia Reality Olive

    Escaping Australia Reality Olive

    Yeah… Nah!’s ascent to the bottom rung of the NZ news ladder is on hold as Reality Check Radio scrambles for donations. Bronwyn explores an MLM that seems to have it all: misuse of real science, pseudoscientific practices, and talking olive trees. Mark makes the mistake of visiting Australia, and after weeks…

  • Reality Archive Mystery

    Reality Archive Mystery

    Another week, another NZ news outlet bites the dust. Will Yeah…Nah continue it’s slow rise to the top of the NZ media mountain on pure attrition? It sure feels like it! Join us as Craig potentially eulogises Reality Check Radio. Bronwyn makes a case for archiving all sorts of sundry websites, and…

  • No Bible Pascha Podcast

    No Bible Pascha Podcast

    It’s a smorgasbord of topics on the podcast for the week after holy week. Mark has some very definitive things to say about the resurrection and the Sex.Life podcast; Craig considers a future as a bible salesman; and Bronwyn goes to extremes with a mini update on Raman Pascha.

  • Psychic Altruistic Rollin’

    Psychic Altruistic Rollin’

    In this week’s episode, Craig, Bronwyn and Mark are back with some weird and wonderful topics. Mark has been visited by Mormon sister missionaries, again. Bronwyn has responded to a request for comment about a psychic cafe in Katikati, Craig has been on a field trip to an Effective Altruism meeting at…

  • King Embryo News Pwnz Invitations

    King Embryo News Pwnz Invitations

    Yeah…Nah is back to definitely not bring you the 6pm news from your local cranks, and those around the world. The gang talks about their surprise at receiving actual mail; Special guest Louise chats about King Charles’ magical thinking; Bronwyn is dismayed by developments from Alabama; Craig gives an early post-mortem of…