2022-05-17: Ring Rife SIDS

Mark is out of home isolation, and the team are back in top form for another Yeah…Nah episode. Craig and Bronwyn talk about an enzyme that could predict vulnerability of Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy, and the media misrepresentation of this study. Mark talks about the quack treatment that is RIFE therapy, and about Ken… Continue reading 2022-05-17: Ring Rife SIDS

2022-05-03: COVID Trespass Zinga

It’s the Yeah… Nah! Podcast, COVID Edition, as Mark joins us from home lockdown. Or should we say Markdown? No? Nevermind… The Occupation of Parliament is the gift that keeps on giving, as your dedicated podcasters take in the ongoing aftermath with updates on the sovereign citizen sheriffs at an ANZAC day ceremony, former MPs… Continue reading 2022-05-03: COVID Trespass Zinga

2022-04-05: Arise Mary Kay Putin

The Yeah… Nah! Podcast is giving you your regular skeptical fix. Special guest Alexander Maxwell, Associate Professor of History at Victoria University, is joining us to talk about the role of Russian propaganda in the War in the Ukraine. Craig muses on the abysmal quality of the nuremberg.nz website, Mark gets deep with David Farrier’s… Continue reading 2022-04-05: Arise Mary Kay Putin

2022-02-22: Profest Rating Conversion

In this installment of the  Yeah… Nah! Podcast, the trio continue to deconstruct the so-called “Profest” at Parliament, Mark engages in a programming thought experiment, and Bronwyn talks about the success of the The Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill. Check out our last two newsletters for details on these stories and more: 2022-02-14 2022-02-21 The… Continue reading 2022-02-22: Profest Rating Conversion