Reading, Talking, Predating

Yeah… Nah!
Reading, Talking, Predating

No more tears! Yeah… Nah! is back for 2024 with a recent addition to our guest host retinue, new NZ Skeptics committee member Louise Richardson. We expel a bit of hot air over the books we’ve read during the hiatus, before delving into our favourite topics from the last couple of editions of the newsletter; Mark is scouted by a predatory journal, and Louise gives us two solid topics: Jim Humble’s tumble off the mortal coil, and being kinder when engaging skeptically online.

  • Our Guests:
    • Louise Richardson
  • Articles we talk about:
    • Some predatory journals have no sense
    • Book Review: How Minds Change
    • Shadow Worlds: A History of the Occult and Esoteric in New Zealand – A review
    • Jim Humble and the MMS Pantomime
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