When the NZ Skeptics committee chose to discontinue its long-standing journal, the NZ Skeptic, in 2020, they replaced it with a weekly newsletter. It was soon realised that the material being written for the newsletter by its editors, secretary Mark Honeychurch and chair Craig Shearer, was contemporary and useful enough to be presented in an accompanying podcast. Joined by committee member Bronwyn Rideout, the podcast was released as as biweekly, hour long episodes.

Since its inception, the Yeah… Nah! podcast has entertained and informed skeptics in New Zealand, taking a look at the weird and wonderful, and exposing misinformation and pseudoscience in all its forms.

Your Hosts

Bronwyn Rideout is the Chair of the NZ Skeptics. She is fascinated by all things esoteric, and loves dissecting MLMs. She is currently studying for her PhD in Midwifery. Bronwyn is originally from Canada, but much prefers the coffee in New Zealand.

Craig Shearer is the immediate past Chair of the NZ Skeptics, and has organised the Auckland Skeptics in the Pub group since its inception. He is a keen photographer and musician, and owns his own lighting rig for musical events. He’s also the only kiwi host of the podcast!

Mark Honeychurch is the current Secretary of the NZ Skeptics, and a past Chair. He’s fascinated by all the weird and wonderful beliefs out there, and wants to experience them all! In his day job he is a software developer, and on weekends he likes to practice lock picking, write code and watch bad movies. Mark emigrated from England back in 2005.