Mormon Cacao Destiny Temple

Yeah… Nah!
Mormon Cacao Destiny Temple

It’s been a fun-filled weekend for all three of us, with a skeptic themed road trip to Craig in Auckland for Bronwyn and Mark. As well as talking about our fascinating tour of the Mormon Temple, we also chat about our evening at Auckland Skeptics in the Pub, our cacao ceremony breakfast, a visit to the old Centrepoint location, a brief stop at Destiny church and a gawk at Highden Temple from afar. We also despair over the pro-conspiracy signs we saw on the road between Wellington and Auckland.

  • Articles we talk about:
    • Skeptics in the Pub Auckland
    • Cacao Ceremonies: Ancient wisdom or New Age consumerism?
    • Mormon Reflections
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    • Come and meet us at Skeptics in the Pub in Wellington
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