Gloriavale Acupuncture Furry

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Gloriavale Acupuncture Furry

The hosts of the Yeah…Nah podcast are big fans of documentaries. Everyone saw Stuff Circuit’s Fire & Fury investigation into the current distributors of misinformation in New Zealand, and reminisced about the ghosts of cranks past. Daniel Ryan joins the team to discuss acupuncture, and also joins in on our chat about the new Gloriavale documentary which is currently showing as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, and will be available for wider release this week.

And, as the Podcast ended, David Farrier released what is allegedly a copy of the Pathfinding Report into ARISE church, so go and read that!  

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    • Daniel Ryan
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    • Misfire and Fury?
    • Fire and Fury documentary raising Ire and Indignation
    • I highly recommend Gloriavale
    • Acupuncturists taking advantage of ACC claims
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