Above Russ Hacking Bill

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Above Russ Hacking Bill

One, two, three, four, five… five committee members on the Yeah…Nah! podcast, Buckle in for a bit of a longer episode this week, as we sit in front of our microphones and talk about all and sundry. Craig practically had a private audience with Destiny Church acolyte Lincoln Russ; Bronwyn discusses one of the most influential conservative Christian New Zealanders that few know about – Nancy Campbell of the Above Rubies Magazine; Katrina tells us more about p-hacking; and Dan updates us on the Therapeutic Products Bill, and what people have submitted so far…

About this episode

  • Our guests:
    • Katrina Borthwick
    • Daniel Ryan
  • Articles we talk about:
    • Lincoln Russ
    • P-hacking
    • Fundamentalist Exchange: The evangelical pipeline between New Zealand and the United States.
    • The Therapeutic Products Bill: Separating the Myths from the Facts
  • Newsletter issues these articles appear in:

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