Political Birdshit Counterspin Gun

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Political Birdshit Counterspin Gun

May has come to a close, and the Yeah…Nah! Podcast brings you the first podcast for June. SPECIAL GUEST STAR Alexander Maxwell returns to discuss how “white dielectric material” humanises the Cosmic Microwave Background. Mark attended the Counterspin Roadshow during its stop in Wellington, and shares his insights on the post-protest movement (and also confirms that the dark side does have cookies). Feedback Bronwyn received on the Femtech article leads to contemplation on whether political correctness is unskeptical, and Craig closes off talking about an online conversation on gun control that was inspired by his recent newsletter article.

About this episode

  • Our guests:
    • Alexander Maxwell
  • Articles we talk about:
    • Countersunk?
    • Penzias and Wilson as Scientific Saints, or, the ritual scouring of the pigeon shit
    • Guns
    • Going with the (Aunt) flo
  • Newsletter issues these articles appear in:

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