Eastern Drag Census

Yeah... Nah!
Yeah… Nah!
Eastern Drag Census

We are a smaller contingent this week, but not by much. Dan Ryan returns to share how his and Mark’s investigation into the Chinese sect Eastern Lightning is progressing. Census day was March 7th, and we wonder whether the recent deluge of Star Wars content will impact the Jedi population. We also talk about Drag Story Times and the misguided responses they’ve received.

  • Our guests:
    • Daniel Ryan
  • Articles we talk about:
    • The Numbers Behind Eastern Lightning’s Recruitment Strategy
    • The Lightning comes from the East – to NZ
    • From house church to exile: A brief history of Eastern Lightning
  • Newsletters:
    • 2023-03-06
    • 2023-02-27: This issue is currently unavailable. We hope to have it live again soon.
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